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We hold monthly or quarterly meetings with you to discuss progress gained, shortfalls, and generally stay up to date on the health of the business.

Business Consulting Overview

Strategic Planning

At Guidestar Accounting & Business Solutions, we work closely with businesses to develop a course of strategy that drives the company forward.


We believe business doesn’t have a destination, but rather a direction. Quo Vadimus, where are we going?


Strategic planning is more than writing down goals and simple business plans. It is a holistic view of an organization that gives a clear purpose and priority to decision making and dealing with challenges.


In this new economy, where even small mistakes can lead to great financial distress, allocation of resources is critical.


A successful strategy first requires frank discussions with customers and employees, an assessment of product and service offerings and an honest look at current business conditions.

Effective Marketing

Marketing determines what products or services a company offers and how they offer them.


It is the process that underlines sales strategy, communication and business development.


At is core, the primary purpose of marketing is to identify the customer, satisfy the customer and ultimately, keep the customer.


At Guidestar, we evaluate current marketing plans and find ways to improve the message. Positioning, segmenting, targeting are all important, with the end goal being a strengthened brand and increased value.

Online Presence

What is your company doing through the web?


Businesses with the strongest web presence typically outsell their competition.


Here at Guidestar, we review a company’s online life including website assessments, social media footprints, search engine rankings, internet reputation, digital marketing, etc.


We work to transform businesses into online behemoths, generating more traffic and driving more sales.

Operational Improvement

Businesses generate a mountain of information on a daily basis.


Our mission at Guidestar is to help companies capture that information, analyze it, make it relevant and give greater insight on how to better run the business.


We use a handful of business intelligence applications and work with companies to build functional databases to store data.


Six Sigma for small business is used to develop more efficient processes, limit costly mistakes, actively improve systems, decrease production time, and solve immediate problems.

Human Capital

A well designed organizational structure is a key component of any strong business.


We serve as advisers helping companies recruit, develop and reward their employees in a manner congruent with their stated business strategy.


We assist in creating a winning corporate culture, implementing performance management systems, designing compensation strategies, improving morale and instituting an effective organizational structure.


We’ve developed strategic partners with expertise in human resources, leadership training, recruitment and talent development.



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