Bookkeeping & Accounting


Starting at $125 per month

* Setup and Cleanup is a required one-time investment, starting at $250

Bookkeeping & Accounting


Starting at $125 per month

* Setup and Cleanup is a required one-time investment, starting at $250

StartUp Package

*starting at $125/month
Setup is a required one-time investment, starting at $250

bookkeeper at deskSuzie wants to open up a graphics design company. She works in corporate and has been creating logos for friends on the side for the past 5 years. She has been thinking about quitting her job and going into business for herself for the past year.

She started researching how to start a business. Word got around for the work she did for her friends and she began charging. She earned $5,000 last year and sees the potential in starting her own business.

Suzie has been looking for someone to sit down with and help her to think through her business, what costs she will incur, to project out revenue for the first 1 – 3 years and connect her with the experts that can help her with creating a website, ideas on how to market her business, and insurance.

She heard that she should become an LLC, but would like to talk to someone about it to make sure that is the right type of business to choose.

She will also need someone to prepare her business taxes at the end of the year.

How We Help

Entrepreneur Package

*starting at $125/month
Setup is a required one-time investment, starting at $350
handyman in front of van

John started a handyman business last year and his wife has been doing his bookkeeping. Business is doing OK, but could be better.

It is getting close to the end of the year and his wife is becoming overwhelmed with the bookkeeping. She is doing a great job with the invoicing and entering in his receipts; however, he learned he should be paying sales tax on some jobs and the whole process is very confusing to her.

He attended a networking meeting and heard a speaker talk about knowing your breakeven point and whether or not your business is really making money.

One of his networking buddies asked him if he knew what his profit was for each job he does. He realized that he needs to find someone who will help relieve his wife from some of the areas she is overwhelmed with and to find out how to get the answers to how much profit he is making on each job.

How We Help

Mature Business Package

*starting at $350/month
Cleanup is a required one-time investment, starting at $750
hair salon owner

Tracey has been in business for 10 years.

She has a hair salon in a local shopping center. Her POS system captures all her sales. She has additional software that books appointments for her stylists.

There is space in the front of the store that displays products the stylists use, and clients can purchase if they want to use the same products at home. She got behind in processing and paying payroll and sales tax due to a decrease in sales over the past year.

She is not sure what happened to cause the decrease in sales and is concerned about the future of her salon if they don’t go back up – and soon. The IRS and Department of Revenue have been sending her notices and yesterday she received a notice from the IRS that they would put a levy against her personally if she does not file the returns and make the necessary payments.

She is having trouble sleeping, which is affecting her ability to work and think like she use to. Her business is not fun anymore. She dreads going in and facing the phone calls and letters as she does not know what to do.

How We Help

Growth Package

*starting at $350/month
Cleanup is a required one-time investment, starting at $750
hvac needs bookkeeper

Mark opened up an HVAC business 4 years ago. It took awhile to get things going at the beginning. Over the last year, business started picking up.

The majority of his business has been repairs and maintenance and tends to be seasonal. He finds that either business is doing very well and he struggles with time to get it all done, or business dies down along with cash flow and he struggles to pay his bills.

He hired a business coach to help him think outside the box. Through connections, he earned additional certifications allowing him to move into commercial work, which would bring in larger contracts and a more stable form of income. This would also mean hiring employees and/or subcontractors, which he has not done before.

He is scared to bring someone on as there are months that he struggles just to pay the basic bills and he is not sure how this will cut into the net income he has been accustomed to living off of.

He is also unsure how this split in his business offerings will work, between residential repairs and maintenance and commercial retrofitting.

How We Help


*starting at $350/month
Cleanup is a required one-time investment, starting at $750
job costing bookkeeper

Joe and Mike have worked in construction for several years. They decided to open up their own company as a partnership.

They had a good friend who was looking to make a change in what she was doing so they hired her to do their bookkeeping and administrative work.

They used their retirement and savings to buy a few homes to flip. They took out personal loan to use for the business, bought a parcel of land and built a new home, making a good profit at the end.

They became hooked to this business putting everything they had in it after seeing the return the first year.

Their business grew very quickly. After 5 years in business, they have 70 contractors and 3 employees that work for them.

They heavily invest in advertising and online marketing to bring the business in.

To find out how they are doing on their projects, they have been looking in their pending contracts file, pull the files, total all the costs up and project what they think they will make.

They now manage over 100 projects a month and they need a better process.

They feel something is not right in their business, but can’t put their finger on it.

How We Help

What is Setup?

Learning about their business and defining what type of information they need in order to run their business efficiently & effectively.

Setting up QuickBooks to easily provide those reports.

Setup also includes linking bank accounts, credit card accounts, loan accounts, and setting up recurring & memorized transactions.

What is Cleanup?

Putting financial data where it is supposed to go, entering necessary financial data that is missing, making sure reports have the correct information.

Looking at your books and reports, ensuring that financial data is input into the correct categories.  Look at Profit & Loss statements and Balance sheets to ensure financial data is represented correctly on each.

What information does the business owner need on demand?

Entering financial data that has not yet been entered or the details behind the numbers (such as: descriptions, classes, locations, product & item lists).

Reclassifying existing transactions to provide them with that information.



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